Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Flawless Widescreen

Run your favorite games in Ultra Wide support, Surround view and with the proper use of Eyefinity gaming resolutions easily! 

even by games which do not officially support this feature! 
by using this program hack
 (being that your game is one of the many supported games from the ever growing list)
 Flawless widescreen enables you to create various patches for these games, to get them running perfectly in various resolutions game developers decided to not bother implement in their games. leaving the wider screen
 (multi screen) gamers with an awkward field of view
This is Perfect for any amount of monitor setup

For this particular instance I  used this mod for higher field of view for GTA 5 at its release before any script hook was developed for enabling the now powerful mod support.

This program hack is still Great to this day, and gives more precise control with its Gui


Videos with Flawless Widescreen

(without using multiple screen set up)

if you like their mod support them by donating to their page

Alternative 'Fov' Mod